Raccoon Hair Extensions

Let us transform you. In you consultation we will assess your lifestyle and your home hair care routine. Hair extension should not be a spare of the moment decision,  so we’ll guide you through your consultation to see if it’s the right choice for you. Your consultation will include information about the hair, the service and the aftercare.

Raccoon Hair extensions are great for thickening, volume, length and adding texture to your hair.

Euro and Standard hair prices in your Aftercare Package.

Euro Hair

Full head from                       £350.00

Half head from                      £250.00

Standard Hair

Full Head from      £350.00

Half Head from     £250.00

Synthetic Hair

Colour Flashes (10 bonds)     from £25.00


Colour Flashes (10 bonds)     from £25.00

Full Head Rotation from £300.00

Half Head Rotation from £150.00

Full Head Bond Removal from £100.00

Half Head Bonds Removal from          £50.00

Removals includes a complementary  wash and blow-dry.

Racoon Hair not included in the prices stated above.