Cut Blow dry  (longer)                       £29.50     

         (below shoulder)                       £23.50

                         (short)                           £15.50

Fringe trim                                             £4.50

Dry cut                                                   £9.50

Dry re-style                                           £13.50

Blow Dry                                               £15.00

Straightening                                      £10.00

(additional service on dry hair)


Dry cut                                                   £7.50

Wash cut                                               £10.00

Colouring                                               £21.50

Children (under  8 )

Dry cut                                                  £4.50

Dry re-style                                         £7.50

Fringe                                                     £4.00

Cut Blow Dry                                       £13.50


Permanent straightening of the hair, which helps tame even the most coarse hair, stylist may recommend a second treatment for more effect.  

Relaxing (longer)                                 £70.00     

                (below shoulder)                  £50.00

                (short)                                      £35.00     


Hair Up                                                  £25.00

Hair Up plus clip-in extensions         £35.00

Loose Curls                                           £20.00

Plaits                                                      £5.00

Trial Hair Up*                                      £15.00

* A Hair Up trial will last for one hour. The Hair Up must be taken down and strictly no photos are to be taken. If you do wish to retain the style you are allowed to however a full payment must be made for the Hair Up.


Full head                                               from £50.00

Roots                                                     £23.00

Roots & Cut                                         £32.00

Full Head Foil Hi-lites                       from £75.00

Half head Foil Hi- lites                      from £55.00

T-section                                               £45.00

Foil Re-growth                                      £35.00

Cap Hi-lites                                           £45.00

Semi Colour full head                         £30.00

Semi Colour Toner                              £15.00


Full Head Perm                                    £70.00     

                (below shoulder)                  £50.00

                (short)                                    £30.00     


A Patch Test is required at least 24 hours prior to treatment

Intense conditioning treatment

Used for very dry, damaged hair, this is a penetrating re-constructant which works deep into the hair, building up its strength and condition.

Joico treatment (in addition blow-dry) £8.00

Steam treatment                                       £21.00

Scalp treatments                                       £22.00