We at Nita’s want you to have the most fabulous wedding experience possible. We have an excellent reputation for getting brides and their nearest and dearest ready to look their best. We aim to give you a bespoke experience to kick-start your wedding day refreshed, relaxed and ready. We understand that each bride is unique and has her own requirements, so we offer a tailored service to suit your needs.

We use the best make up the industry has to offer, which lasts all day and can withstand the bright lights of the cameras for crack-less foundation giving you a flawless look. Our Hair Up’s are secured with strong pins and grips which hold well even with the heaviest veils (chunni) resting upon them. We also offer advice of how to wear your hair to compliment your attire and look undoubtedly stunning during your big day!

A Few Kind Steps…

  1. Come into the salon for your consultation.
  2. When you have your attire ready or a swatch of fabric that you are wearing, book in for a trial. It is not essential but preferable to do so, this enable us to work around you efficiently on your day.
  3. Drop in your deposit. This is very important as this secures your booking.
  4. Give us your precise details inc. confirmation of our arrival time, address, number etc.
  5. We arrive! Dress you to perfection whilst delivering superb service.

For additional bookings for your nearest and dearest we charge from £35.00 for hair and £35.00 for make-up (eyelashes are charged separately). Please give us notification of booking numbers as soon as you can, this enables us to bring out adequate stylists.

Please note: All deposits are non-refundable. If you book for a specific number of your nearest and dearest, for us to get ready all bookings are chargeable upon arrival i.e. if you require us to get 6 of your nearest and dearest ready, all 6 bookings will become chargeable, it is irrelevant if they are there or not. As you can appreciate we have to cover costs of the additional stylists.